Aluminum Wiring In Homes

Aluminum Wiring In Homes

Are you...

Buying or selling a home with aluminum wiring?

Having trouble insuring your house with aluminum wiring?

Concerned about the safety of your home with aluminum wiring?

How Do I Know If My Home Has Aluminum Wiring?

We can come and check it for you, but chances are if your home was wired in 1965 until the mid 70s, you have aluminum wiring, as it was the cheaper, more readily available alternative to copper.

Why Is There Cause for Concern over Aluminum Wiring?

  • It's softer than copper wiring, which makes it easy to nick, cut, or crush.
  • Aluminum expands and contracts easily, creating loose connections at termination points.
  • It oxidization over time creates a poor electrical connection.

What Do These 3 Points Have in Common?

They all create a hot spot, arcing and sparking and a potential fire hazard. 

What Can We Do to Fix It?

There are two ways this can be handled:

  • The most cost-effective way is pigtail copper to aluminum at every outlet, switch, and light throughout the house. This is done by using an approved Marrette (63 or 65) as well as an antioxidant compound (NOALOX®). 
  • Remove all aluminum wiring and replace it with copper. This is the best way to eliminate aluminum, but also the most intensive, and usually is only done during renovations when the wiring is accessible.

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